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The year is 2289, and all that's left on Planet Earth is the domed city Old Centauri, roaming sun flares that scorch the land, and the nomadic tribes that mitigate the two. Kiirke comes from one such tribe, and she must travel to Old Centauri, along with her stowaway younger brother, to seek a small fortune to save her family - But the only way to make money as a newcomer to the city is to enroll in Supplements Labs as what the locals call a "lab rat".
Project Status:
Festival Run
Currently looking for a production partner for full series.

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SOHO International Film Festival 2020 - October 15-18
SeriesFest 2020

Jury Statement: This year's SeriesFest takes place during an unprecedented time for the world and for filmmaking. We are awarding Supplements the 2020 Visionary Award for recognizing the importance of an inclusive diverse ensemble to tell their story while also successfully using science fiction to articulate and force us to reflect on issues that we’re experiencing today.

Louisiana Film Prize 2019

• "Supplements" awarded the Founder's Circle Prize at Louisiana Film Prize

Mystic Film Festival 2020 - October 22-25
Adirondack Film Festival 2020 - October 15-18



  • "The story quickly sets up the tension between the rich and poor, nefarious de-aging research, and an outer space colony needed “volunteers” for its study. Supplements sets up very well the big picture of the earth and the global conflict to come in future episodes."

  • "I definitely want to see where writer/director Sarah Phillips will take her story, and the pilot episode of Supplements is a good start."


"Supplements: Dystopian, Futuristic Bio-hacks For The Sci-Fi Aficionados"

  • "Thrilling, fast-paced and in equal parts dramatic and light-hearted, Supplements is a brave attempt at conjuring futuristic problems while touching upon universal themes of love, corruption, and the ultimate sacrifice one readily makes when it comes to protecting their loved ones."

  • "Be it the ravaged Earth, or the spectacularly self-reliant Old Centauri city, the creation of the futuristic world is simply stunning. And as Kiirke and Jute are entrapped (or are they?) into Dr. Jean Mercole’s (La’Netia D. Taylor) scientific experiments, we can’t help but wonder at a statement made by Dr. Mercole herself; an odd, prophetic observation of Sisyphus and his cursed endeavour — a relentless, endless chore — are we heading the same way? Is happiness and contentment not destined for earthly souls? Only the ensuing episodes will tell."

  • "Phillips’s Supplements shouldn’t be dismissed off as another Sci-Fi short. In its brief runtime alone, it touches upon crucial themes such as capitalism, corruption, climate woes and survival hacks, under an overarching umbrella of both science and mythology — a successful feat, that."


  • "Imagine, in grander principal, the worlds created by such Hollywood sci-fi juggernauts as “The Hunger Games”, “The Island”, and “Elysium” but then infuse it with a much more grounded, realistic yet no less impactful approach to what class-based, post-apocalyptic society might be like when those that have misuse and exploit those that don’t for their own supposedly “justifiable” purposes and you are scratching the surface of the foundational thematic intent visualized through this 15-minute short film effort."

  • "It all leads up to a decidedly potent cliff-hanger of a finale that, as hinted above, really does cry out for further exploration, which this critic very much wishes and hopes to see come about down the road should the filmmaker choose to do so."

  • "In total, “Supplements” firmly flexes its science fiction-based muscles while still delivering a smartly conceived, character-centric dramatic effort that speaks so emphatically to us about the dangers of potential futures where the ramifications of decisions in the now could be setting us up for even more haunting choices ahead, where we might actually be asking ourselves–“at what price is “forever”?"


"How Far Would You Go..."

  • "For a film that’s just under 15 minutes, Phillips has achieved a bold piece of visual storytelling. The special effects, at this level, is impressive. The storyline is intriguing."

  • "SUPPLEMENTS tackles important present day issues – the effects of global warming, class distinction, the need for medical care for all and the obsession with staying young."


  • "While effective as a short film, Supplements is clearly part of something bigger. This short film is an intriguing start to a series, certain characters and plot points are left seemingly unfinished, a category that includes our antagonist, Dr Jean Mercole (La’Netia D. Taylor). Mercole seems to be an interesting character, and it will be intriguing to see where Phillips takes this character in later additions of this story, and these fifteen minutes leaves you hungry for more."

  • "Supplements borrows elements from the super-futuristic set designs of Hollywood sci-fi films and blends them with steampunk style and wild makeup; creating a vibrant and unique future world."

  • "Supplements isn’t rule-breaking, but it is a highly stylised and successful sci-fi film which begs for the story to continue. The story has just begun, and I’m left on tenterhooks wondering if Dr Jean Mercole will ever taste her own medicine."

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